Like many modern success stories, the First National Real Estate Network can be traced back to humble beginnings. Early in 1981, a small group of independent Victorian rural real estate agents met to discuss the possibility of forming an association to maximise the effectiveness of their business in the face of increased competition from large, franchised organisations. As a result of this initial meeting, a steering committee was formed and given the task of establishing the ideals upon which such an organisation would be based. On three key issues the committee was unanimous.


Connecting Your Gas, Electricity, Telephone, And Water In One Easy Step!

The service is free to use and doesn’t involve any additional contracts. You’ll still have to pay any bonds and connection fees that would normally apply, but we promise to ensure you don’t pay any additional charges for our service. We are paid a fee by the provider for streamlining the process and delivering information to them electronically, saving them the normal costs (call centres, etc.) of your connection. The product is simple – electricity, phone, gas and water (where applicable). We keep it simple so we can keep it free for you.

UtilityOne offers a service that helps take the hassle out of moving. In one simple step, they can arrange connection and disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas for properties in Australia. The service is free to use and does not involve any contracts. You’ll still have to pay any bonds and connection fees, but there are no additional charges for UtilityOne’s service.

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